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Posterior spinal implant


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    • A61B17/7001Screws or hooks combined with longitudinal elements which do not contact vertebrae
    • A61B17/7032Screws or hooks with U-shaped head or back through which longitudinal rods pass
AT93912539T 1993-07-02 1993-07-02 Posterior spinal implant AT432049T (en)

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PCT/CH1993/000170 WO1995001132A1 (en) 1993-07-02 1993-07-02 Posterior vertebral column implant
CA 2133484 CA2133484C (en) 1993-07-02 1993-07-02 Posterior spinal implant

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AT432049T true AT432049T (en) 2009-06-15



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AT93912539T AT432049T (en) 1993-07-02 1993-07-02 Posterior spinal implant

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