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Clock synchronization in a distributed system


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Mathias Rausch
Ller Bernd M
Bernd Hedenetz
Anton Schedl
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Freescale Semiconductor Inc
Bosch Gmbh Robert
Daimler Ag
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    • G06F1/00Details not covered by groups G06F3/00 – G06F13/00 and G06F21/00
    • G06F1/04Generating or distributing clock signals or signals derived directly therefrom
    • G06F1/14Time supervision arrangements, e.g. real time clock
    • G04G7/00Synchronisation
    • H04J3/00Time-division multiplex systems
    • H04J3/02Details
    • H04J3/06Synchronising arrangements
    • H04J3/0635Clock or time synchronisation in a network
    • H04J3/0638Clock or time synchronisation among nodes; Internode synchronisation
    • H04J3/0652Synchronisation among time division multiple access [TDMA] nodes, e.g. time triggered protocol [TTP]
    • H04J3/00Time-division multiplex systems
    • H04J3/02Details
    • H04J3/06Synchronising arrangements
    • H04J3/0635Clock or time synchronisation in a network
    • H04J3/0676Mutual
AT01118177T 2001-07-26 2001-07-26 Clock synchronization in a distributed system AT427521T (en)

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EP20010118177 EP1280024B1 (en) 2001-07-26 2001-07-26 Clock synchronization in a distributed system

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AT427521T true AT427521T (en) 2009-04-15



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AT01118177T AT427521T (en) 2001-07-26 2001-07-26 Clock synchronization in a distributed system

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