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Device for coffee preparation


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Rodin Bruinsma
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Koninkl Philips Electronics Nv
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    • A47J31/00Apparatus for making beverages
    • A47J31/44Parts or details or accessories of beverage-making apparatus
    • A47J31/4403Constructional details
    • A47J31/4407Lids, covers or knobs
    • A47J31/00Apparatus for making beverages
    • A47J31/24Coffee-making apparatus in which hot water is passed through the filter under pressure, i.e. in which the coffee grounds are extracted under pressure
    • A47J31/34Coffee-making apparatus in which hot water is passed through the filter under pressure, i.e. in which the coffee grounds are extracted under pressure with hot water under liquid pressure
    • A47J31/36Coffee-making apparatus in which hot water is passed through the filter under pressure, i.e. in which the coffee grounds are extracted under pressure with hot water under liquid pressure with mechanical pressure-producing means
    • A47J31/3666Coffee-making apparatus in which hot water is passed through the filter under pressure, i.e. in which the coffee grounds are extracted under pressure with hot water under liquid pressure with mechanical pressure-producing means whereby the loading of the brewing chamber with the brewing material is performed by the user
    • A47J31/3676Cartridges being employed
    • A47J31/368Permeable cartridges being employed
AT03798301T 2002-09-27 2003-09-17 Device for coffee preparation AT427056T (en)

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EP02079000 2002-09-27

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AT427056T true AT427056T (en) 2009-04-15



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AT03798301T AT427056T (en) 2002-09-27 2003-09-17 Device for coffee preparation

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