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3-d text in a gaming machine


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    • A63F2300/00Features of games using an electronically generated display having two or more dimensions, e.g. on a television screen, showing representations related to the game
    • A63F2300/60Methods for processing data by generating or executing the game program
    • A63F2300/66Methods for processing data by generating or executing the game program for rendering three dimensional images
AT03773084T 2002-09-30 2003-09-30 3-d text in a gaming machine AT421371T (en)

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US41498202P true 2002-09-30 2002-09-30

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AT421371T true AT421371T (en) 2009-02-15



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AT03773084T AT421371T (en) 2002-09-30 2003-09-30 3-d text in a gaming machine

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