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Method of baseband processing based on intelligent antenna and interference erasure


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baseband processing
intelligent antenna
interference erasure
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    • H01Q25/00Antennas or antenna systems providing at least two radiating patterns
    • H01Q3/00Arrangements for changing or varying the orientation or the shape of the directional pattern of the waves radiated from an antenna or antenna system
    • H01Q3/26Arrangements for changing or varying the orientation or the shape of the directional pattern of the waves radiated from an antenna or antenna system varying the relative phase or relative amplitude of energisation between two or more active radiating elements; varying the distribution of energy across a radiating aperture
    • H01Q3/2605Array of radiating elements provided with a feedback control over the element weights, e.g. adaptive arrays
    • H01Q3/2611Means for null steering; Adaptive interference nulling
AT00938466T 1999-08-10 2000-06-22 Method of baseband processing based on intelligent antenna and interference erasure AT403954T (en)

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CN99111349A CN1118200C (en) 1999-08-10 1999-08-10 Baseband processing method based on intelligent antoma and interference cancel

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AT403954T true AT403954T (en) 2008-08-15



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AT00938466T AT403954T (en) 1999-08-10 2000-06-22 Method of baseband processing based on intelligent antenna and interference erasure

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