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Controlling device with small loss voltage, large load range and fast inner rule loop


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    • G05F1/00Automatic systems in which deviations of an electric quantity from one or more predetermined values are detected at the output of the system and fed back to a device within the system to restore the detected quantity to its predetermined value or values, i.e. retroactive systems
    • G05F1/10Regulating voltage or current
    • G05F1/46Regulating voltage or current wherein the variable actually regulated by the final control device is dc
    • G05F1/56Regulating voltage or current wherein the variable actually regulated by the final control device is dc using semiconductor devices in series with the load as final control devices
    • G05F1/575Regulating voltage or current wherein the variable actually regulated by the final control device is dc using semiconductor devices in series with the load as final control devices characterised by the feedback circuit
AT02368074T 2002-07-05 2002-07-05 Controlling device with small loss voltage, large load range and fast inner rule loop AT386969T (en)

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EP20020368074 EP1378808B1 (en) 2002-07-05 2002-07-05 LDO regulator with wide output load range and fast internal loop

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AT386969T true AT386969T (en) 2008-03-15



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AT02368074T AT386969T (en) 2002-07-05 2002-07-05 Controlling device with small loss voltage, large load range and fast inner rule loop

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