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Unidirectional current and bidirectional data transmission over a single, inductive coupling


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Koninkl Philips Electronics Nv
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    • H04B5/00Near-field transmission systems, e.g. inductive loop type
    • H04B5/02Near-field transmission systems, e.g. inductive loop type using transceiver
    • G08C17/00Arrangements for transmitting signals characterised by the use of a wireless electrical link
    • G08C17/04Arrangements for transmitting signals characterised by the use of a wireless electrical link using magnetically coupled devices
    • H04B5/00Near-field transmission systems, e.g. inductive loop type
    • H04B5/0025Near field system adaptations
    • H04B5/0031Near field system adaptations for data transfer
    • H04B5/00Near-field transmission systems, e.g. inductive loop type
    • H04B5/0025Near field system adaptations
    • H04B5/0037Near field system adaptations for power transfer
    • H04B5/00Near-field transmission systems, e.g. inductive loop type
    • H04B5/0075Near-field transmission systems, e.g. inductive loop type using inductive coupling
    • H04B5/0093Near-field transmission systems, e.g. inductive loop type using inductive coupling with one coil at each side, e.g. with primary and secondary coils
AT04744705T 2003-08-08 2004-08-02 Unidirectional current and bidirectional data transmission over a single, inductive coupling AT378739T (en)

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EP03102478 2003-08-08

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AT378739T true AT378739T (en) 2007-11-15



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AT04744705T AT378739T (en) 2003-08-08 2004-08-02 Unidirectional current and bidirectional data transmission over a single, inductive coupling

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