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Method for transmitting location-related data of a vehicle


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    • G08G1/00Traffic control systems for road vehicles
    • G08G1/20Monitoring the location of vehicles belonging to a group, e.g. fleet of vehicles, countable or determined number of vehicles
    • G08G1/00Traffic control systems for road vehicles
    • G08G1/123Traffic control systems for road vehicles indicating the position of vehicles, e.g. scheduled vehicles; Managing passenger vehicles circulating according to a fixed timetable, e.g. buses, trains, trams
    • G08G1/127Traffic control systems for road vehicles indicating the position of vehicles, e.g. scheduled vehicles; Managing passenger vehicles circulating according to a fixed timetable, e.g. buses, trains, trams to a central station ; Indicators in a central station
AT01948474T 2000-06-21 2001-06-19 Method for transmitting location-related data of a vehicle AT374986T (en)

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US09/598,538 US7142979B1 (en) 2000-06-21 2000-06-21 Method of triggering the transmission of data from a mobile asset

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AT374986T true AT374986T (en) 2007-10-15



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AT01948474T AT374986T (en) 2000-06-21 2001-06-19 Method for transmitting location-related data of a vehicle

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