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    • A61F5/00Orthopaedic methods or devices for non-surgical treatment of bones or joints; Nursing devices; Anti-rape devices
    • A61F5/01Orthopaedic devices, e.g. splints, casts or braces
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    • A61F5/0111Orthopaedic devices, e.g. splints, casts or braces specially adapted for correcting deformities of the limbs or for supporting them; Ortheses, e.g. with articulations without articulation for the feet or ankles
    • A61F5/0113Drop-foot appliances
AT03783062T 2002-11-07 2003-11-07 Fussgelenkorthose AT369822T (en)

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US42432102P true 2002-11-07 2002-11-07

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AT03783062T AT369822T (en) 2002-11-07 2003-11-07 Fussgelenkorthose

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