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Monitoring of computer use


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Martin Mccreesh
Joseph Stockton
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Iontas Ltd
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    • G06F11/00Error detection; Error correction; Monitoring
    • G06F11/30Monitoring
    • G06F11/34Recording or statistical evaluation of computer activity, e.g. of down time, of input/output operation ; Recording or statistical evaluation of user activity, e.g. usability assessment
    • G06F11/3409Recording or statistical evaluation of computer activity, e.g. of down time, of input/output operation ; Recording or statistical evaluation of user activity, e.g. usability assessment for performance assessment
    • G06F11/3419Recording or statistical evaluation of computer activity, e.g. of down time, of input/output operation ; Recording or statistical evaluation of user activity, e.g. usability assessment for performance assessment by assessing time
    • G06F11/3423Recording or statistical evaluation of computer activity, e.g. of down time, of input/output operation ; Recording or statistical evaluation of user activity, e.g. usability assessment for performance assessment by assessing time where the assessed time is active or idle time
AT00650170T 1999-10-26 2000-10-26 Monitoring of computer use AT365944T (en)

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IE990893 1999-10-26

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AT365944T true AT365944T (en) 2007-07-15



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AT00650170T AT365944T (en) 1999-10-26 2000-10-26 Monitoring of computer use

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