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Method for the amplification of a nucleic acid sequence using a chimeric primer


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    • C12Q1/00Measuring or testing processes involving enzymes, nucleic acids or microorganisms; Compositions therefor; Processes of preparing such compositions
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    • C12Q1/6844Nucleic acid amplification reactions
AT00908056T 1999-03-19 2000-03-14 Method for the amplification of a nucleic acid sequence using a chimeric primer AT362532T (en)

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JP7696699 1999-03-19
JP37003599 1999-12-27

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AT362532T true AT362532T (en) 2007-06-15



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AT00908056T AT362532T (en) 1999-03-19 2000-03-14 Method for the amplification of a nucleic acid sequence using a chimeric primer

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