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Elevator system


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    • B66B5/00Applications of checking, fault-correcting, or safety devices in elevators
    • B66B5/0006Monitoring devices or performance analysers
    • B66B5/0018Devices monitoring the operating condition of the elevator system
    • B66B5/0031Devices monitoring the operating condition of the elevator system for safety reasons
    • B66B1/00Control systems of elevators in general
    • B66B1/24Control systems with regulation, i.e. with retroactive action, for influencing travelling speed, acceleration, or deceleration
    • B66B1/28Control systems with regulation, i.e. with retroactive action, for influencing travelling speed, acceleration, or deceleration electrical
AT05004882T 2005-03-05 2005-03-05 Elevator system AT361893T (en)

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EP20050004882 EP1698580B1 (en) 2005-03-05 2005-03-05 Elevator system

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AT361893T true AT361893T (en) 2007-06-15



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AT05004882T AT361893T (en) 2005-03-05 2005-03-05 Elevator system

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