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Low frequency schwinger


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Marvin L Clamme
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Guitammer Company
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    • H04R9/00Transducers of moving-coil, moving-strip, or moving-wire type
    • H04R9/06Loudspeakers
    • H04R9/066Loudspeakers using the principle of inertia
    • H02K33/00Motors with reciprocating, oscillating or vibrating magnet, armature or coil system
    • H02K33/16Motors with reciprocating, oscillating or vibrating magnet, armature or coil system with polarised armatures moving in alternate directions by reversal or energisation of a single coil system
AT99932276T 1998-07-24 1999-07-06 Low frequency schwinger AT355649T (en)

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US09/121,880 US5973422A (en) 1998-07-24 1998-07-24 Low frequency vibrator

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AT355649T true AT355649T (en) 2006-03-15



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AT99932276T AT355649T (en) 1998-07-24 1999-07-06 Low frequency schwinger

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