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Portable and personal ventilator


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    • A63B23/00Exercising apparatus specially adapted for particular parts of the body
    • A63B23/18Exercising apparatus specially adapted for particular parts of the body for improving respiratory function
    • A61M16/00Devices for influencing the respiratory system of patients by gas treatment, e.g. mouth-to-mouth respiration; Tracheal tubes
    • A61M16/0003Accessories therefor, e.g. sensors, vibrators, negative pressure
    • A61M16/0006Accessories therefor, e.g. sensors, vibrators, negative pressure with means for creating vibrations in patients' airways
AT96918299T 1995-02-10 1996-06-07 Portable and personal ventilator AT347407T (en)

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US08/478,741 US5658221A (en) 1995-02-10 1995-06-07 Portable personal breathing apparatus and method of using same

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AT347407T true AT347407T (en) 2006-12-15



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AT96918299T AT347407T (en) 1995-02-10 1996-06-07 Portable and personal ventilator

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