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Autofocus System


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Fujinon Corp
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    • H04N5/00Details of television systems
    • H04N5/222Studio circuitry; Studio devices; Studio equipment ; Cameras comprising an electronic image sensor, e.g. digital cameras, video cameras, TV cameras, video cameras, camcorders, webcams, camera modules for embedding in other devices, e.g. mobile phones, computers or vehicles
    • H04N5/225Television cameras ; Cameras comprising an electronic image sensor, e.g. digital cameras, video cameras, camcorders, webcams, camera modules specially adapted for being embedded in other devices, e.g. mobile phones, computers or vehicles
    • H04N5/232Devices for controlling television cameras, e.g. remote control ; Control of cameras comprising an electronic image sensor
    • H04N5/23212Focusing based on image signals provided by the electronic image sensor
    • G02OPTICS
    • G02B7/00Mountings, adjusting means, or light-tight connections, for optical elements
    • G02B7/28Systems for automatic generation of focusing signals
AT05250348T 2004-01-27 2005-01-25 Autofocus System AT338425T (en)

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JP2004018430A JP4525089B2 (en) 2004-01-27 2004-01-27 Auto-focus system

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AT338425T true AT338425T (en) 2006-09-15



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AT05250348T AT338425T (en) 2004-01-27 2005-01-25 Autofocus System

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