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Dienstanbietung in a communication system


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Ahti Muhonen
Jens-Peter Staack
Timo Rantalainen
Jan Kall
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Nokia Corp
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    • H04W4/00Services specially adapted for wireless communication networks; Facilities therefor
    • H04W4/02Services making use of location information
    • H04W4/021Services related to particular areas, e.g. point of interest [POI] services, venue services or geofences
    • H04W4/00Services specially adapted for wireless communication networks; Facilities therefor
    • H04W4/02Services making use of location information
    • H04W4/029Location-based management or tracking services
AT01913867T 2000-03-13 2001-03-12 Dienstanbietung in a communication system AT335367T (en)

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GBGB0006028.5A GB0006028D0 (en) 2000-03-13 2000-03-13 Location service in a telecommunications system
GB0019636A GB0019636D0 (en) 2000-08-09 2000-08-09 Service provision in a communication system

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AT335367T true AT335367T (en) 2006-08-15



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AT01913867T AT335367T (en) 2000-03-13 2001-03-12 Dienstanbietung in a communication system

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