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Device and method for producing a mobile terminal in a wireless telecommunication system


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    • H04M19/00Current supply arrangements for telephone systems
    • H04M19/02Current supply arrangements for telephone systems providing ringing current or supervisory tones, e.g. dialling tone, busy tone
    • H04M19/04Current supply arrangements for telephone systems providing ringing current or supervisory tones, e.g. dialling tone, busy tone ringing-current generated at substation
    • H04M19/041Encoding the ringing signal, i.e. providing distinctive or selective ringing capability
AT00117756T 2000-08-17 2000-08-17 Device and method for producing a mobile terminal in a wireless telecommunication system AT320691T (en)

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EP20000117756 EP1180896B1 (en) 2000-08-17 2000-08-17 Sound generating device and method for a mobile terminal of a wireless telecommuniation system

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AT320691T true AT320691T (en) 2006-04-15



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AT00117756T AT320691T (en) 2000-08-17 2000-08-17 Device and method for producing a mobile terminal in a wireless telecommunication system

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