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Assembly with spacer rod.


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AT31522T AT82902890T AT82902890T AT31522T AT 31522 T AT31522 T AT 31522T AT 82902890 T AT82902890 T AT 82902890T AT 82902890 T AT82902890 T AT 82902890T AT 31522 T AT31522 T AT 31522T
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Jon E Khachaturian
Joseph P Charles
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Versabar Inc
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Priority to US06/300,059 priority Critical patent/US4397493A/en
Application filed by Versabar Inc filed Critical Versabar Inc
Priority to EP82902890A priority patent/EP0087463B1/en
Priority to PCT/US1982/001207 priority patent/WO1983000855A1/en
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AT82902890T 1981-09-08 1982-09-08 Assembly with spacer rod. AT31522T (en)

Priority Applications (3)

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US06/300,059 US4397493A (en) 1981-09-08 1981-09-08 Spreader bar assembly
EP82902890A EP0087463B1 (en) 1981-09-08 1982-09-08 Spreader bar assembly
PCT/US1982/001207 WO1983000855A1 (en) 1981-09-08 1982-09-08 Spreader bar assembly

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AT31522T true AT31522T (en) 1988-01-15



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AT82902890T AT31522T (en) 1981-09-08 1982-09-08 Assembly with spacer rod.

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AT (1) AT31522T (en)

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