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Endodontic pin system


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Larry A Lopez
Bruce A Finnigan
Ajit Karmaker
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Jeneric Pentron Inc
Larry A Lopez
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    • A61C13/00Dental prostheses; Making same
    • A61C13/225Fastening prostheses in the mouth
    • A61C13/30Fastening of peg-teeth in the mouth
    • A61C5/00Filling or capping teeth
    • A61C5/50Implements for filling root canals; Methods or instruments for medication of tooth nerve channels
AT00930646T 1999-05-12 2000-05-12 Endodontic pin system AT303768T (en)

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US13377399P true 1999-05-12 1999-05-12
PCT/US2000/013021 WO2000067659A1 (en) 1999-05-12 2000-05-12 Endodontic post system

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AT303768T true AT303768T (en) 2005-09-15



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AT00930646T AT303768T (en) 1999-05-12 2000-05-12 Endodontic pin system

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