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A method for illumination and imaging of eyes with glasses with the use of multiple illumination sources


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    • A61B3/00Apparatus for testing the eyes; Instruments for examining the eyes
    • A61B3/10Objective types, i.e. instruments for examining the eyes independent of the patients' perceptions or reactions
    • A61B3/14Arrangements specially adapted for eye photography
    • A61B3/15Arrangements specially adapted for eye photography with means for aligning, spacing or blocking spurious reflection ; with means for relaxing
    • A61B3/156Arrangements specially adapted for eye photography with means for aligning, spacing or blocking spurious reflection ; with means for relaxing for blocking
AT98960579T 1997-12-01 1998-11-30 A method for illumination and imaging of eyes with glasses with the use of multiple illumination sources AT297681T (en)

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US08/980,684 US6055322A (en) 1997-12-01 1997-12-01 Method and apparatus for illuminating and imaging eyes through eyeglasses using multiple sources of illumination
PCT/US1998/025424 WO1999027844A1 (en) 1997-12-01 1998-11-30 Method and apparatus for illuminating and imaging eyes through eyeglasses using multiple sources of illumination

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AT297681T true AT297681T (en) 2005-07-15



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AT98960579T AT297681T (en) 1997-12-01 1998-11-30 A method for illumination and imaging of eyes with glasses with the use of multiple illumination sources

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