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Device for artificial pigration of pigs


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Pascual Javier Gil
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Iberica De Reproduccion Asisti
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    • A61D19/00Instruments or methods for reproduction or fertilisation
    • A61D19/02Instruments or methods for reproduction or fertilisation for artificial insemination
    • A61D19/027Devices for injecting semen into animals, e.g. syringes, guns, probes
AT00988821T 2000-01-03 2000-12-29 Device for artificial pigration of pigs AT277566T (en)

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ES200000004U ES1045024Y (en) 2000-01-03 2000-01-03 Artificial insemination device in pigs
ES200002360A ES2171128B2 (en) 2000-09-29 2000-09-29 Post cervical artificial insemination team in porcine livestock.
PCT/ES2000/000499 WO2001049205A1 (en) 2000-01-03 2000-12-29 Artificial insemination device for pigs

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AT277566T true AT277566T (en) 2004-10-15



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AT00988821T AT277566T (en) 2000-01-03 2000-12-29 Device for artificial pigration of pigs

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