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Method and device for measuring the consumption of an element in an electricity network


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    • G01R21/00Arrangements for measuring electric power or power factor
    • G01R21/133Arrangements for measuring electric power or power factor by using digital technique
    • G01R21/1331Measuring real or reactive component, measuring apparent energy
AT01430011T 2000-03-22 2001-03-22 Method and device for measuring the consumption of an element in an electricity network AT271227T (en)

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FR0003620A FR2806806B1 (en) 2000-03-22 2000-03-22 Method for measuring the electricity consumption of an element connects to a network of electricity distribution

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AT271227T true AT271227T (en) 2004-07-15



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AT01430011T AT271227T (en) 2000-03-22 2001-03-22 Method and device for measuring the consumption of an element in an electricity network

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