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Reinforcement for structures


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    • B62D29/00Superstructures, understructures, or sub-units thereof, characterised by the material thereof
    • B62D29/001Superstructures, understructures, or sub-units thereof, characterised by the material thereof characterised by combining metal and synthetic material
    • B62D29/002Superstructures, understructures, or sub-units thereof, characterised by the material thereof characterised by combining metal and synthetic material a foamable synthetic material or metal being added in situ
    • Y10S269/00Work holders
    • Y10S269/901Collapsible or foldable work holder supporting structure
AT00914970T 1999-03-16 2000-03-16 Reinforcement for structures AT267311T (en)

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US09/268,810 US6131897A (en) 1999-03-16 1999-03-16 Structural reinforcements
PCT/US2000/006803 WO2000055444A1 (en) 1999-03-16 2000-03-16 Structural reinforcements

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AT267311T true AT267311T (en) 2004-06-15



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AT00914970T AT267311T (en) 1999-03-16 2000-03-16 Reinforcement for structures

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