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A method for measuring the volume of an object by means of a laser scanner and a CCD image sensor


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AT266852T AT96830666T AT96830666T AT266852T AT 266852 T AT266852 T AT 266852T AT 96830666 T AT96830666 T AT 96830666T AT 96830666 T AT96830666 T AT 96830666T AT 266852 T AT266852 T AT 266852T
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    • G01B11/00Measuring arrangements characterised by the use of optical means
AT96830666T 1996-12-31 1996-12-31 A method for measuring the volume of an object by means of a laser scanner and a CCD image sensor AT266852T (en)

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EP19960830666 EP0851207B1 (en) 1996-12-31 1996-12-31 Process and apparatus for measuring the volume of an object by means of a laser scanner and a CCD detector

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AT266852T true AT266852T (en) 2004-05-15



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AT96830666T AT266852T (en) 1996-12-31 1996-12-31 A method for measuring the volume of an object by means of a laser scanner and a CCD image sensor

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