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    • H04B10/00Transmission systems employing electromagnetic waves other than radio-waves, e.g. infrared, visible or ultraviolet light, or employing corpuscular radiation, e.g. quantum communication
    • H04B10/11Arrangements specific to free-space transmission, i.e. transmission through air or vacuum
    • H04B10/00Transmission systems employing electromagnetic waves other than radio-waves, e.g. infrared, visible or ultraviolet light, or employing corpuscular radiation, e.g. quantum communication
    • H04B10/11Arrangements specific to free-space transmission, i.e. transmission through air or vacuum
    • H04B10/112Line-of-sight transmission over an extended range
    • H04B10/1123Bidirectional transmission
    • H04B10/1125Bidirectional transmission using a single common optical path
    • H04B10/00Transmission systems employing electromagnetic waves other than radio-waves, e.g. infrared, visible or ultraviolet light, or employing corpuscular radiation, e.g. quantum communication
    • H04B10/11Arrangements specific to free-space transmission, i.e. transmission through air or vacuum
    • H04B10/114Indoor or close-range type systems
    • H04B10/1149Arrangements for indoor wireless networking of information
AT98903190T 1997-02-11 1998-02-11 signaling system AT265110T (en)

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GBGB9702726.2A GB9702726D0 (en) 1997-02-11 1997-02-11 Optical point-to-multipoint transmission
GBGB9706062.8A GB9706062D0 (en) 1997-03-24 1997-03-24 Optical retro-reflector
PCT/GB1998/000421 WO1998035328A2 (en) 1997-02-11 1998-02-11 Signalling system

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AT265110T true AT265110T (en) 2004-05-15



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AT98903190T AT265110T (en) 1997-02-11 1998-02-11 signaling system

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