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Midsole and shoe sole with this


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    • A43B13/00Soles; Sole and heel units
    • A43B13/14Soles; Sole and heel units characterised by the constructive form
    • A43B13/18Resilient soles
    • A43B13/181Resiliency achieved by the structure of the sole
    • A43B13/184Resiliency achieved by the structure of the sole the structure protruding from the outsole
    • A43B13/00Soles; Sole and heel units
    • A43B13/02Soles; Sole and heel units characterised by the material
    • A43B13/12Soles with several layers of different materials
AT02000674T 2001-01-12 2002-01-11 Midsole and shoe sole with this AT262290T (en)

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FR0100557A FR2819385B1 (en) 2001-01-12 2001-01-12 midsole and shoe equipped with such a sole

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AT262290T true AT262290T (en) 2004-04-15



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AT02000674T AT262290T (en) 2001-01-12 2002-01-11 Midsole and shoe sole with this

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