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Method and device for blind separating signals


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    • G10L21/00Processing of the speech or voice signal to produce another audible or non-audible signal, e.g. visual or tactile, in order to modify its quality or its intelligibility
    • G10L21/02Speech enhancement, e.g. noise reduction or echo cancellation
    • G10L21/0272Voice signal separating
    • G06K9/00Methods or arrangements for reading or recognising printed or written characters or for recognising patterns, e.g. fingerprints
    • G06K9/62Methods or arrangements for recognition using electronic means
    • G06K9/6217Design or setup of recognition systems and techniques; Extraction of features in feature space; Clustering techniques; Blind source separation
    • G06K9/6232Extracting features by transforming the feature space, e.g. multidimensional scaling; Mappings, e.g. subspace methods
    • G06K9/624Extracting features by transforming the feature space, e.g. multidimensional scaling; Mappings, e.g. subspace methods based on a separation criterion, e.g. independent component analysis
    • H03H21/00Adaptive networks
    • H03H21/0012Digital adaptive filters
AT98931517T 1997-06-18 1998-06-18 Method and device for blind separating signals AT247340T (en)

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US5014797P true 1997-06-18 1997-06-18
PCT/US1998/013051 WO1998058450A1 (en) 1997-06-18 1998-06-18 Methods and apparatus for blind signal separation

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AT247340T true AT247340T (en) 2003-08-15



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AT98931517T AT247340T (en) 1997-06-18 1998-06-18 Method and device for blind separating signals

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