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Cellular low orbit telecommunications arrangement with access limited to a user-class according to the traffic load


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AT239331T AT94118902T AT94118902T AT239331T AT 239331 T AT239331 T AT 239331T AT 94118902 T AT94118902 T AT 94118902T AT 94118902 T AT94118902 T AT 94118902T AT 239331 T AT239331 T AT 239331T
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James Powers Redden
David Nmi Terris
Michael William Krutz
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    • H04B7/18539Arrangements for managing radio, resources, i.e. for establishing or releasing a connection
AT94118902T 1993-12-06 1994-12-01 Cellular low orbit telecommunications arrangement with access limited to a user-class according to the traffic load AT239331T (en)

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US08/161,613 US5490087A (en) 1993-12-06 1993-12-06 Radio channel access control

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AT239331T true AT239331T (en) 2003-05-15



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AT94118902T AT239331T (en) 1993-12-06 1994-12-01 Cellular low orbit telecommunications arrangement with access limited to a user-class according to the traffic load

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