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Desensitizing teeth with degradable particles


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Thomas Craig Masterman
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Gillette Canada
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AT95939896T 1994-11-09 1995-11-09 Desensitizing teeth with degradable particles AT234070T (en)

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US08/336,486 US5660817A (en) 1994-11-09 1994-11-09 Desensitizing teeth with degradable particles
PCT/US1995/014670 WO1996014825A1 (en) 1994-11-09 1995-11-09 Desensitizing teeth with degradable particles

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AT234070T true AT234070T (en) 2003-03-15



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AT95939896T AT234070T (en) 1994-11-09 1995-11-09 Desensitizing teeth with degradable particles

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