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Performance data monitor


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Timothy A Wellman
Daniel C Magoto
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Crown Equip Corp
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    • B66F17/00Safety devices, e.g. for limiting or indicating lifting force
    • B66F17/003Safety devices, e.g. for limiting or indicating lifting force for fork-lift trucks
AT98933096T 1997-07-09 1998-07-01 Performance data monitor AT233713T (en)

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US5307797P true 1997-07-09 1997-07-09
PCT/US1998/013787 WO1999002445A1 (en) 1997-07-09 1998-07-01 Capacity data monitor

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AT233713T true AT233713T (en) 2003-03-15



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AT98933096T AT233713T (en) 1997-07-09 1998-07-01 Performance data monitor

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