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Stabilizing device for ladders


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    • E06C7/00Component parts, supporting parts, or accessories
    • E06C7/42Ladder feet; Supports therefor
    • E06C7/426Height adjustable supports for receiving both ladder feet
AT00925441T 1999-04-21 2000-04-12 Stabilizing device for ladders AT233365T (en)

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GBGB9908992.2A GB9908992D0 (en) 1999-04-21 1999-04-21 Stabiliser for ladders
GBGB9920698.9A GB9920698D0 (en) 1999-09-03 1999-09-03 Levelling support
GB0005944A GB0005944D0 (en) 2000-03-14 2000-03-14 Ladder stile extender
PCT/GB2000/001391 WO2000065191A1 (en) 1999-04-21 2000-04-12 Stabiliser for ladders

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AT233365T true AT233365T (en) 2003-03-15



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AT00925441T AT233365T (en) 1999-04-21 2000-04-12 Stabilizing device for ladders

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