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High-speed peripheral grinding


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    • B24B1/00Processes of grinding or polishing; Use of auxiliary equipment in connection with such processes
    • B24D5/00Bonded abrasive wheels, or wheels with inserted abrasive blocks, designed for acting only by their periphery; Bushings or mountings therefor
    • B24D5/02Wheels in one piece
    • B24D5/04Wheels in one piece with reinforcing means
AT98950716T 1998-01-30 1998-09-25 High-speed peripheral grinding AT231044T (en)

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US09/016,823 US6074278A (en) 1998-01-30 1998-01-30 High speed grinding wheel
PCT/US1998/020215 WO1999038648A1 (en) 1998-01-30 1998-09-25 High speed grinding wheel

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AT231044T true AT231044T (en) 2003-02-15



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AT98950716T AT231044T (en) 1998-01-30 1998-09-25 High-speed peripheral grinding

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