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Manfred Schwarz
Rolf Drotleff
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U I Lapp Gmbh
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    • H02G15/00Cable fittings
    • H02G15/02Cable terminations
    • H02G15/04Cable-end sealings
AT00110095T 1996-04-19 1997-04-12 Kabelverschraubung AT226370T (en)

Priority Applications (2)

Application Number Priority Date Filing Date Title
DE1996115602 DE19615602A1 (en) 1996-04-19 1996-04-19 Cable gland
US08/911,065 US5942730A (en) 1996-04-19 1997-08-14 Threaded cable joint

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AT226370T true AT226370T (en) 2002-11-15



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AT00110095T AT226370T (en) 1996-04-19 1997-04-12 Kabelverschraubung
AT97106047T AT198392T (en) 1996-04-19 1997-04-12 Cable connection

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AT97106047T AT198392T (en) 1996-04-19 1997-04-12 Cable connection

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US (1) US5942730A (en)
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AT (2) AT226370T (en)
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PT (1) PT1022836E (en)
SI (1) SI1022836T1 (en)

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