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Handling of pipes in a drilling


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AT225457T AT97948014T AT97948014T AT225457T AT 225457 T AT225457 T AT 225457T AT 97948014 T AT97948014 T AT 97948014T AT 97948014 T AT97948014 T AT 97948014T AT 225457 T AT225457 T AT 225457T
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    • E21B19/00Handling rods, casings, tubes or the like outside the borehole, e.g. in the derrick
    • E21B19/20Combined feeding from rack and connecting, e.g. automatically
AT97948014T 1997-12-05 1997-12-05 Handling of pipes in a drilling AT225457T (en)

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PCT/NL1997/000667 WO1999030000A1 (en) 1997-12-05 1997-12-05 Handling of tube sections in a rig for subsoil drilling

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AT225457T true AT225457T (en) 2002-10-15



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AT97948014T AT225457T (en) 1997-12-05 1997-12-05 Handling of pipes in a drilling

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