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Mohammed Maoujoud
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    • B24D3/00Physical features of abrasive bodies, or sheets, e.g. abrasive surfaces of special nature; Abrasive bodies or sheets characterised by their constituents
    • B24D3/02Physical features of abrasive bodies, or sheets, e.g. abrasive surfaces of special nature; Abrasive bodies or sheets characterised by their constituents the constituent being used as bonding agent
    • B24D3/04Physical features of abrasive bodies, or sheets, e.g. abrasive surfaces of special nature; Abrasive bodies or sheets characterised by their constituents the constituent being used as bonding agent and being essentially inorganic
    • B24D3/06Physical features of abrasive bodies, or sheets, e.g. abrasive surfaces of special nature; Abrasive bodies or sheets characterised by their constituents the constituent being used as bonding agent and being essentially inorganic metallic or mixture of metals with ceramic materials, e.g. hard metals, "cermets", cements
    • B28D1/00Working stone or stone-like materials, e.g. brick, concrete or glass, not provided for elsewhere; Machines, devices, tools therefor
    • B28D1/02Working stone or stone-like materials, e.g. brick, concrete or glass, not provided for elsewhere; Machines, devices, tools therefor by sawing
    • B28D1/12Saw-blades or saw-discs specially adapted for working stone
    • B28D1/121Circular saw blades
AT97945370T 1996-11-21 1997-09-30 RIBBED GRINDING TOOL AT210003T (en)

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US08/749,370 US5868125A (en) 1996-11-21 1996-11-21 Crenelated abrasive tool
PCT/US1997/017581 WO1998022260A1 (en) 1996-11-21 1997-09-30 Crenelated abrasive tool

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AT210003T true AT210003T (en) 2001-12-15



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AT97945370T AT210003T (en) 1996-11-21 1997-09-30 RIBBED GRINDING TOOL

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