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A smoking article


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British American Tobacco Co
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    • A24D3/00Tobacco smoke filters, e.g. filter-tips, filtering inserts; Mouthpieces for cigars or cigarettes
    • A24D3/06Use of materials for tobacco smoke filters
    • A24D3/16Use of materials for tobacco smoke filters of inorganic materials
    • A24D3/166Silicic acid or silicates
    • A24B15/00Chemical features or treatment of tobacco; Tobacco substitutes
    • A24B15/10Chemical features of tobacco products or tobacco substitutes
AT95810294T 1995-05-03 1995-05-03 A smoking article AT209006T (en)

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EP19950810294 EP0740907B1 (en) 1995-05-03 1995-05-03 Smoker's article

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AT209006T true AT209006T (en) 2001-12-15



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AT95810294T AT209006T (en) 1995-05-03 1995-05-03 A smoking article

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