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Hollow fiber module control system


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Humphrey John Jardine Drummond
Todd Kenneth Arlon Fischer
Michael Robert Lloyd Selbie
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Usf Filtration Limited
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    • B01D65/00Accessories or auxiliary operations, in general, for separation processes or apparatus using semi-permeable membranes
    • B01D65/10Testing of membranes or membrane apparatus; Detecting or repairing leaks
    • B01D65/102Detection of leaks in membranes
AT93923974T 1992-11-02 1993-10-27 Hollow fiber module control system AT196102T (en)

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AUPL562992 1992-11-02
PCT/AU1993/000556 WO1994009890A1 (en) 1992-11-02 1993-10-27 Fibre monitoring system

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AT196102T true AT196102T (en) 2000-09-15



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AT93923974T AT196102T (en) 1992-11-02 1993-10-27 Hollow fiber module control system

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