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Dye precursor and containing these compositions


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    • G03C1/00Photosensitive materials
    • G03C1/72Photosensitive compositions not covered by the groups G03C1/005 - G03C1/705
    • G03C1/73Photosensitive compositions not covered by the groups G03C1/005 - G03C1/705 containing organic compounds
    • G03C1/732Leuco dyes
    • C09B67/00Influencing the physical, e.g. the dyeing or printing properties of dyestuffs without chemical reactions, e.g. by treating with solvents grinding or grinding assistants, coating of pigments or dyes; Process features in the making of dyestuff preparations; Dyestuff preparations of a special physical nature, e.g. tablets, films
    • C09B67/0071Process features in the making of dyestuff preparations; Dehydrating agents; Dispersing agents; Dustfree compositions
    • C09B67/0077Preparations with possibly reduced vat, sulfur or indigo dyes
AT96923216T 1995-06-05 1996-06-05 Dye precursor and containing these compositions AT195815T (en)

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US46318795A true 1995-06-05 1995-06-05
US08/649,754 US5786132A (en) 1995-06-05 1996-05-29 Pre-dyes, mutable dye compositions, and methods of developing a color
PCT/US1996/008887 WO1996039646A1 (en) 1995-06-05 1996-06-05 Novel pre-dyes

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AT195815T true AT195815T (en) 2000-09-15



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AT96923216T AT195815T (en) 1995-06-05 1996-06-05 Dye precursor and containing these compositions

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