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Spring bridge for a mattress under


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Thomas Beteil & Vermoeg Gmbh
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    • A47C23/00Spring mattresses with rigid frame or forming part of the bedstead, e.g. box springs; Divan bases; Slatted bed bases
    • A47C23/06Spring mattresses with rigid frame or forming part of the bedstead, e.g. box springs; Divan bases; Slatted bed bases using wooden springs, e.g. of slat type ; Slatted bed bases
    • A47C23/061Slat structures
AT96810175T 1995-03-22 1996-03-20 Spring bridge for a mattress under AT195229T (en)

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CH83495 1995-03-22
US09/242,373 US6256815B1 (en) 1995-03-22 1996-09-17 Spring bridge for a mattress base
PCT/CH1996/000320 WO1998011807A1 (en) 1995-03-22 1996-09-17 Sprung cross slats for bed base

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AT195229T true AT195229T (en) 2000-08-15



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AT96810175T AT195229T (en) 1995-03-22 1996-03-20 Spring bridge for a mattress under

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