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Dual polarization array antenna with very low cross polarization and small side lobes


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Johan Granholm
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    • H01Q21/00Antenna arrays or systems
    • H01Q21/06Arrays of individually energised antenna units similarly polarised and spaced apart
    • H01Q21/061Two dimensional planar arrays
    • H01Q21/065Patch antenna array
    • H01Q21/00Antenna arrays or systems
    • H01Q21/24Combinations of antenna units polarised in different directions for transmitting or receiving circularly and elliptically polarised waves or waves linearly polarised in any direction
AT97917279T 1996-04-03 1997-03-26 Dual polarization array antenna with very low cross polarization and small side lobes AT194733T (en)

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DK39796 1996-04-03
PCT/DK1997/000141 WO1997038465A1 (en) 1996-04-03 1997-03-26 Dual polarization antenna array with very low cross polarization and low side lobes

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AT194733T true AT194733T (en) 2000-07-15



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AT97917279T AT194733T (en) 1996-04-03 1997-03-26 Dual polarization array antenna with very low cross polarization and small side lobes

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