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Intelligent, computer-control system


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AT194229T AT96905685T AT96905685T AT194229T AT 194229 T AT194229 T AT 194229T AT 96905685 T AT96905685 T AT 96905685T AT 96905685 T AT96905685 T AT 96905685T AT 194229 T AT194229 T AT 194229T
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Horn Hannes Schulze
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Siemens Ag
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    • B22D11/00Continuous casting of metals, i.e. casting in indefinite lengths
    • B22D11/16Controlling or regulating processes or operations
    • G05B13/00Adaptive control systems, i.e. systems automatically adjusting themselves to have a performance which is optimum according to some preassigned criterion
    • G05B13/02Adaptive control systems, i.e. systems automatically adjusting themselves to have a performance which is optimum according to some preassigned criterion electric
    • G05B13/0265Adaptive control systems, i.e. systems automatically adjusting themselves to have a performance which is optimum according to some preassigned criterion electric the criterion being a learning criterion
    • G05B13/0285Adaptive control systems, i.e. systems automatically adjusting themselves to have a performance which is optimum according to some preassigned criterion electric the criterion being a learning criterion using neural networks and fuzzy logic
AT96905685T 1995-03-09 1996-03-06 Intelligent, computer-control system AT194229T (en)

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DE1995108474 DE19508474A1 (en) 1995-03-09 1995-03-09 Intelligent computer-control system
PCT/DE1996/000396 WO1996028771A1 (en) 1995-03-09 1996-03-06 Intelligent computerized control system

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AT194229T true AT194229T (en) 2000-07-15



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AT96905685T AT194229T (en) 1995-03-09 1996-03-06 Intelligent, computer-control system

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WO (1) WO1996028771A1 (en)

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