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AT180645T AT97903238T AT97903238T AT180645T AT 180645 T AT180645 T AT 180645T AT 97903238 T AT97903238 T AT 97903238T AT 97903238 T AT97903238 T AT 97903238T AT 180645 T AT180645 T AT 180645T
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bone screw
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Lutz Biedermann
Juergen Harms
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Lutz Biedermann
Juergen Harms
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    • A61B17/00Surgical instruments, devices or methods, e.g. tourniquets
    • A61B17/56Surgical instruments or methods for treatment of bones or joints; Devices specially adapted therefor
    • A61B17/58Surgical instruments or methods for treatment of bones or joints; Devices specially adapted therefor for osteosynthesis, e.g. bone plates, screws, setting implements or the like
    • A61B17/68Internal fixation devices, including fasteners and spinal fixators, even if a part thereof projects from the skin
    • A61B17/84Fasteners therefor or fasteners being internal fixation devices
    • A61B17/86Threaded wires, pins or screws; Nuts therefor
AT97903238T 1996-02-28 1997-02-07 bone screw AT180645T (en)

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DE1996107517 DE19607517C1 (en) 1996-02-28 1996-02-28 Bone screw for osteosynthesis

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AT180645T true AT180645T (en) 1999-06-15



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AT97903238T AT180645T (en) 1996-02-28 1997-02-07 bone screw

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