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manage system for multiple devices, for example of portable patient-monitoring devices in a network


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    • H04Q9/00Arrangements in telecontrol or telemetry systems for selectively calling a substation from a main station, in which substation desired apparatus is selected for applying a control signal thereto or for obtaining measured values therefrom
AT91916629T 1990-08-31 1991-08-27 manage system for multiple devices, for example of portable patient-monitoring devices in a network AT175068T (en)

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US57670090A true 1990-08-31 1990-08-31

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AT175068T true AT175068T (en) 1999-01-15



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AT91916629T AT175068T (en) 1990-08-31 1991-08-27 manage system for multiple devices, for example of portable patient-monitoring devices in a network

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