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Method for putting core into a casting mold


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AT173965T AT96924883T AT96924883T AT173965T AT 173965 T AT173965 T AT 173965T AT 96924883 T AT96924883 T AT 96924883T AT 96924883 T AT96924883 T AT 96924883T AT 173965 T AT173965 T AT 173965T
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Quy Dung Dang
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Bruehl Eisenwerk
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    • B22C9/00Moulds or cores; Moulding processes
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AT96924883T 1995-10-27 1996-07-04 Method for putting core into a casting mold AT173965T (en)

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DE1995140023 DE19540023A1 (en) 1995-10-27 1995-10-27 Process for inserting cores into a mold

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AT173965T true AT173965T (en) 1998-12-15



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AT96924883T AT173965T (en) 1995-10-27 1996-07-04 Method for putting core into a casting mold

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