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Multilayer sports shoe sole


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AT162050T AT92116508T AT92116508T AT162050T AT 162050 T AT162050 T AT 162050T AT 92116508 T AT92116508 T AT 92116508T AT 92116508 T AT92116508 T AT 92116508T AT 162050 T AT162050 T AT 162050T
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    • A43B13/00Soles; Sole and heel units
    • A43B13/02Soles; Sole and heel units characterised by the material
    • A43B13/12Soles with several layers of different materials
AT92116508T 1991-12-24 1992-09-26 Multilayer sports shoe sole AT162050T (en)

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FR9116275A FR2685173B1 (en) 1991-12-24 1991-12-24 multi sports shoe sole.

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AT162050T true AT162050T (en) 1998-01-15



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AT92116508T AT162050T (en) 1991-12-24 1992-09-26 Multilayer sports shoe sole

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