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    • G01R21/00Arrangements for measuring electric power or power factor
    • G01R21/133Arrangements for measuring electric power or power factor by using digital technique
    • G01R19/00Arrangements for measuring currents or voltages or for indicating presence or sign thereof
    • G01R19/02Measuring effective values, i.e. root-mean-square values
AT92917728T 1990-03-30 1992-08-03 Hochgeschwindigkeitsleistungsanalysator AT161969T (en)

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US07/809,021 US5151866A (en) 1990-03-30 1991-12-13 High speed power analyzer

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AT161969T true AT161969T (en) 1998-01-15



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AT92917728T AT161969T (en) 1990-03-30 1992-08-03 Hochgeschwindigkeitsleistungsanalysator

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WO (1) WO1994003818A1 (en)

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