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Rückwinnung the carrier phase for an adaptive equalizer


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    • H04L25/00Baseband systems
    • H04L25/02Details ; Arrangements for supplying electrical power along data transmission lines
    • H04L25/03Shaping networks in transmitter or receiver, e.g. adaptive shaping networks ; Receiver end arrangements for processing baseband signals
    • H04L25/03006Arrangements for removing intersymbol interference
    • H04L25/03012Arrangements for removing intersymbol interference operating in the time domain
    • H04L25/03114Arrangements for removing intersymbol interference operating in the time domain non-adaptive, i.e. not adjustable, manually adjustable, or adjustable only during the reception of special signals
    • H04L25/03133Arrangements for removing intersymbol interference operating in the time domain non-adaptive, i.e. not adjustable, manually adjustable, or adjustable only during the reception of special signals with a non-recursive structure
    • H04L25/0314Arrangements for removing intersymbol interference operating in the time domain non-adaptive, i.e. not adjustable, manually adjustable, or adjustable only during the reception of special signals with a non-recursive structure using fractionally spaced delay lines or combinations of fractionally integrally spaced taps
    • H04L27/00Modulated-carrier systems
    • H04L27/32Carrier systems characterised by combinations of two or more of the types covered by groups H04L27/02, H04L27/10, H04L27/18 or H04L27/26
    • H04L27/34Amplitude- and phase-modulated carrier systems, e.g. quadrature-amplitude modulated carrier systems
    • H04L27/38Demodulator circuits; Receiver circuits
    • H04L27/3818Demodulator circuits; Receiver circuits using coherent demodulation, i.e. using one or more nominally phase synchronous carriers
    • H04L27/3827Demodulator circuits; Receiver circuits using coherent demodulation, i.e. using one or more nominally phase synchronous carriers in which the carrier is recovered using only the demodulated baseband signals
AT92112305T 1991-07-26 1992-07-18 Rückwinnung the carrier phase for an adaptive equalizer AT152563T (en)

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US73379091A true 1991-07-26 1991-07-26

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AT152563T true AT152563T (en) 1997-05-15



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AT92112305T AT152563T (en) 1991-07-26 1992-07-18 Rückwinnung the carrier phase for an adaptive equalizer

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