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Synthesis of dimer-blocks and their use in the composition of oligonucleotides


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    • C07H21/00Compounds containing two or more mononucleotide units having separate phosphate or polyphosphate groups linked by saccharide radicals of nucleoside groups, e.g. nucleic acids
AT94906568T 1993-01-08 1994-01-07 Synthesis of dimer-blocks and their use in the composition of oligonucleotides AT150464T (en)

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US282393A true 1993-01-08 1993-01-08
PCT/US1994/000296 WO1994015946A1 (en) 1993-01-08 1994-01-07 Synthesis of dimmer blocks and their use in assembling oligonucleotides

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AT150464T true AT150464T (en) 1997-04-15



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AT94906568T AT150464T (en) 1993-01-08 1994-01-07 Synthesis of dimer-blocks and their use in the composition of oligonucleotides

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