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Light barrier for automatically operated elevator doors.


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    • B66B13/00Doors, gates, or other apparatus controlling access to, or exit from, cages or lift well landings
    • B66B13/24Safety devices in passenger lifts, not otherwise provided for, for preventing trapping of passengers
    • B66B13/26Safety devices in passenger lifts, not otherwise provided for, for preventing trapping of passengers between closing doors
AT82110619T 1981-12-03 1982-11-18 Light barrier for automatically operated elevator doors. AT14413T (en)

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CH7725/81A CH653975A5 (en) 1981-12-03 1981-12-03 Light barrier on automatically operated elevator doors.
EP82110619A EP0081110B1 (en) 1981-12-03 1982-11-18 Light barrier for an automatically operated elevator door

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AT14413T true AT14413T (en) 1985-08-15



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AT82110619T AT14413T (en) 1981-12-03 1982-11-18 Light barrier for automatically operated elevator doors.

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