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Mechanized storage system.


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Michel Rothlisberger
Herbert Goddard
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Herbert Goddard
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    • B65G1/00Storing articles, individually or in orderly arrangement, in warehouses or magazines
    • B65G1/02Storage devices
    • B65G1/04Storage devices mechanical
    • B65G1/0407Storage devices mechanical using stacker cranes
    • B65G1/0435Storage devices mechanical using stacker cranes with pulling or pushing means on either stacking crane or stacking area
AT89907640T 1988-07-06 1989-07-06 Mechanized storage system. AT131131T (en)

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AUPI916688 1988-07-06

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AT131131T true AT131131T (en) 1995-12-15



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AT89907640T AT131131T (en) 1988-07-06 1989-07-06 Mechanized storage system.

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